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Interactive Payslip with Better HR HRMS App

Better HR software Myanmar provides all necessary payslip details in your hand. View a simple, detailed, transparent payslip with your Better HR HRMS app. 

Better HR | Salary Transfer Bank Integrations

Direct salary transfer using Yoma Bank Integration

Direct salary transfer using Yoma Bank Integration

Don't waste time visiting the bank physically! Fill up your employees' bank details & transfer salaries directly to their bank accounts using Better HR cloud software. Anytime, Anywhere | Better HR HRMS Software.

Myanmar Government statutory reports

Form 15 - PIT

Download fully filled Myanmar personal income tax Form 15 with Better HR cloud software. Click the below for a sample Form 15 Download of Better HR HRMS software.

Form 16 - Payroll Year End Tax

Download fully calculated personal income details with Better HR Form 16. Click the button below to download Form 16 sample of Better HR.

Form 13 - SSB Myanmar

Government statutory Form 13 for the Social Security Board (SSB) is available for you to download & be ready to use. Click the button below to Form 13 download.

Export Bank Ready Formats

Better HR cloud software enables you to import data in an Excel sheet to maintain as a hard copy. A fully detailed payroll can be transferred into Bank Ready Formats, as per Myanmar Pay Sheet Format. Upload past & present payroll records easily with Better HR HRMS Payroll feature.

Sri Lanka Government statutory reports

EPF C Form Sri Lanka

Download the completed EPF C Form with your Better HR cloud software. Fully filled EPF C Form can ease your documentation burden & save time. 

Export Bank Ready Formats

Download your necessary data easily, ready for the bank transfer with the most secure cloud HR software| Better HR HRMS software. Experience an easy import & export of files with Better HR. This Cloud HR software will automatically detect the changes you have made within the file and update the system accordingly.

Cambodia Government Statutory Reports

NSSF Cambodia

Save time and streamline your document submission process with Better HR Cambodia. Submit Occupational risk scheme, Health care scheme, and Pension scheme related employee documents easily with a fully filled NSSF E-Form. Easy NSSF Management with Better HR Cambodia!

Cambodia Bank Transfer

Better HR Bank Transfer records can be used to export payroll data to an easy social security contribution through ACLEDA internet bank. Better HR Cambodia ensures timely and precise employee salary and NSSF transfer. Try Now!

Simplify HR processes with Better HR