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How Maha Agriculture manage the HR Ops, onboarding and payroll for 270+ employee across 37 branches.

How Maha Agriculture manage the HR Ops, onboarding and payroll for 270+ employee across 37 branches.

Maha Agriculture Microfinance is one of Myanmar’s leading agriculture microfinance companies. They have been using Better HR for over 2 years already. They are operating all across Myanmar with 37 different branches and over 270 employees. Ma Nyo Nwet Kay Khine, the deputy HR manager of Maha Agriculture Microfinance shares her experience with Better HR.


As a multi-city company with a lot of field employees, taking attendance for employees is the main challenge she had to face at Maha. As Better HR’s remote check-in allows employees to check in remotely with the exact location, recording employee attendance is easier for her.

If the employees want to take leave, she doesn’t have to manage paper leave forms and emails like before. The employees can easily check their remaining leave days, and leave types and request leave easily on mobile phones.

Payroll calculation is also a lot easier with Better HR too. All the allowances and deductions are added to payroll calculation, making payroll calculation less complicated for her. Employees can also check their payslips on Better HR mobile app, so she doesn’t have to print out every payslips and ship them across 10+ cities.

“Better HR’s learning centre is one of the features that is very useful to me (in onboarding). HR policies and information that we want our employees to read can be placed in one place in Learning Center assigned to chosen employees” she said.

Better’s chat feature has also helped Maha in its day-to-day operations. Employees from different regions/branches are communicating and operating day-to-day tasks easily with Better HR’s chat feature.


Before using Better HR, Maha was using manual fingerprint systems and a foreign HR software, which needed too many data inputs and they struggled to keep up with the workload to effectively run the functional operations.

So they started searching for local HR software. At that time, Maha was doing a website development project with Nexlabs, an original incubation place of Better HR, and Better HR was introduced to Maha’s team. Maha decided to use free trial for 14-days with one branch.

After the free trial period, Maha was very happy with Better HR experience and decided to do full implementation across the whole organization.

With Better HR, Maha’s HR operations processes became more systematic, faster and less complicated. Nyo also said “Our company has hundreds of employees and branches in different cities across the country. With Better HR’s support, it’s now effortless for us to manage our large workforce. This is a win-win situation for both employees and employers, thanks to Better HR. I thus would like to suggest every HR to try this software.”

Written by
Kaung Tint Zaw
Digital Marketing Executive from Better HR

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