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Make an easy, detailed Sri Lanka pay sheet using Better HR Payroll system.

Make an easy, detailed Sri Lanka pay sheet using Better HR Payroll system.

Better HR Software is one of the finest tools which can manage your overall organization’s HR & Administration activities in one window. Usually HR Managers are the pillar to maintain the stability of the internal environment. To achieve that, HR managers might need modern tools and techniques. Better HR helps organizations to do easy attendance management, payroll calculations, leave management, asset management, employee profile, data, & document management, learning center etc…

HR has to do many important activities to do to ensure employee retention and build a strong labor force. Focusing on these matters will directly impact organization productivity. To do this, HR must need HR software. Because some day-to-day tasks might consume more time. Especially managing employee leave & attendance for the entire organization will consume a lot. And generating detailed payroll also gets time when companies are involved in multi regulations. 

To do a fine pay sheet Sri Lanka, try Better HR now. We designed the Better HR HRMS software to calculate automatic payroll according to the Sri Lankan labor law and other regulations. HR just needs to upload the employee details in an excel sheet to create employee profiles. Setting up Better HR software is so easy. Better HR CS team will guide you to organize a promising internal structure as per your organization policies. Anyone can master the Better HR payroll within 2 days. If the employee details were fully updated, then HR can run the entire employees payroll with one click. Isn’t it amazing?

In this 21st century, time and data are more precious than ever before. To conquer the modern market, every corporation tries to provide the best for its customers. To become a next level market leader, you need to get rid of old school methods. Managing organization administration with a HR software will enable many important benefits for your organization. 

How will an HR & Payroll System improve the entire organization’s productivity?

  • Detailed Pay Sheet with zero errors
  • Can analyze the employee behavior & turnover
  • Can hire any employees with any policies
  • Easy attendance & leave management.
  • Structured labor force management.
  • Transparent view of Income Tax, EPF deduction.
  • Time and resource saving.
  • Easy to learn & adopt.

The modern busy world shows us how important it is to manage Time & Fund with an HR Software. Every organization should possess a strong internal environment to compete in the dynamic market. Economists discover that in 2031 HR SaaS market will be around USD 445 Billion. The market value shows the importance of the HR & Administration software for an organization. Not only corporations, 90% of the world economy is based on MSMEs, according to a UN statement (JUN 2022). So, it means the HR softwares market growth in 2031 also includes the MSMEs.

To become a successful entrepreneur, every SMEs owner should understand the importance of HR Software. Any organization in any country can adopt Better HR Software with slight customization of policies according to regulations. You don’t need to consider pay sheet formats, salary slip formats, excel sheet pay format when you have Better HR. So sign up the Form now and get a free trial to experience the genuineness of a Better HR Software Sri Lanka.

Written by
Jasry RM
Digital Marketing Executive from Better HR
Jasry RM is a BBA (Hons) graduate, Major in Marketing at University Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Better HR. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, B2B Marketing, Finance, Payroll, Taxation, Research and Human Resource Management.

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