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Write For Us: Guest Author Opportunity At Better HR

Write For Us: Guest Author Opportunity At Better HR

Better HR is one of the leading HRMS, HRIS, HCM providers in Southeast Asia. Better HR Software invites all talented authors and regular bloggers to write great contents for us. Freshers, Students, Business owners & Subject experts are also welcome to share their knowledge with us. We would like to build a better competitive business world by sharing all exclusive insights and guidance with our audience. Join hands with us.

Content Focus:

We welcome well-crafted, in-depth articles/ blogs centered around the aspect of Human Resources (HR). Our goal is to provide our readers with real-time insights, making the following subject areas particularly appealing:

  • HR & Payroll Advisory
  • Startups & SMEs in the HR Context
  • Embracing AI, Modern Gadgets & HR Software in HR’s Future
  • Recruitment Strategies & Diversity Management
  • Navigating Employee Retention & Effective Management
  • Unveiling the Significance of the Human Resource Department (HRD)
  • Sharing Real-Life HR Experiences, Strategies & Tips
  • Addressing Administration Challenges with Innovative Solutions
  • Cultivating Leadership Qualities, Skills, Mentoring, and Risk Mitigation
  • Exploring HRIS, HRMS, HCM, and SaaS Applications
  • Adapting to Office Trends and Digitization

Submission Guidelines:

To ensure the quality and integrity of our guest blogs, kindly observe the following guidelines:

  • Articles must exclusively focus on HR-related topics within the specified subject areas.
  • Maintain a minimum word count of 750 words to provide comprehensive coverage.
  • To submit your guest blog, please send the article in a Word document or Google Docs link with public access.
  • Include your author bio and royalty-free images
  • When referencing market research or insights, provide proper citations.
  • Maintain a respectful and professional tone; refrain from using abusive or inappropriate language.
  • We retain the right to make necessary edits for clarity and coherence with writer’s approval.
  • Submit original content to verify authenticity and copyrights.

Multilingual Submissions:

At present, we accept guest blogs in English and Burmese languages.

Submission Process:

To contribute to our platform, please send your article to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Blog.” Include your full document, along with your name and a link to your business or social media profile. This will ensure proper attribution below the published article.


We value your expertise and contributions. As a token of appreciation, we offer:

  • Full credit with your name mentioned in the article.
  • Link to our business or social media profile beneath the blog post.
  • Possibility of future collaboration or employment opportunities.
  • Exposure to a global audience, facilitating potential international opportunities.

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll contribute to a community of HR knowledge dissemination. We look forward to showcasing your expertise and providing valuable content to our audience.

Written by
Jasry RM
Digital Marketing Executive from Better HR
Jasry RM is a BBA (Hons) graduate, Major in Marketing at University Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Better HR. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, B2B Marketing, Finance, Payroll, Taxation, Research and Human Resource Management.

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