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Cloud Based HR Software For Small Business: Protect Your Data

Cloud Based HR Software For Small Business: Protect Your Data

In this technological era, data security is one of the major concerns for many leading enterprises. Leading business organizations invest significant resources in collecting, storing, managing, and safeguarding confidential data from cyber threats. The importance of accurate information in multi-million worth of decision making has led to a higher demand for sensitive data, as well as an increase in cyber attacks. To use confidential data safely, modern corporates have relied on cloud-based systems in recent years. Cloud storage provides services in various important fields, including entertainment, education, health, geo, weather, management, and so forth. This article will explore how cloud systems work in the business and management sector, while ensuring data security.

In this article, we will discuss the basic features of a cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS), how it operates, and best practices for safeguarding confidential data. Let’s dive in!

What Is Cloud HR Software?

Cloud-based Human resources management system (HRMS) is commonly known as Cloud HR software that uses cloud computing to collect, track, monitor, and manage employees’ daily operations. It has gained significant demand in recent years due to its ease of use, real-time analytics, low maintenance cost, security, and flexibility. Users can access Cloud-Based HRMS software from anywhere with any device as long as they are connected to the internet. Employers can streamline all HR-related tasks, such as interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training, tracking, payroll processing, employee performance research, documentation and more conveniently. The modern cloud HR software also offers self-service HR apps to employees, allowing them to access their own database while maintaining data accuracy and confidentiality.

While cloud HRMS offers several essential benefits to many modern enterprises, the data security remains a major concern with this system. So how does a business organization face that issue?

Cloud-Based HRMS Data Security Measures To Overcome The Cyber Attacks

Data breach commonly known as data theft. As the demand for real data rises, some companies resort to unethical practices, which causes a huge increase in the risk of cyber attacks in past years. These attacks can potentially cripple the entire system of a business, resulting in poor operations for weeks and causing significant financial loss and damage to the brand reputation. When you use a cloud-based HR system, you can minimize the risk and cost at the same time. 

There are several best practices available to ensure data security when you use cloud HR software. 

1. Strong Password Policy

Every digital platform has the basic guideline to create a password to protect unauthorized accesses. Most of the cloud HR providers also follow the guideline strictly. A complex password including characters like capital letters, simple letters, numbers and special characters with more than 12 characters will be hard to crack. And the password policy should include the password expiration period as well. Protect your confidential data with a strong password policy.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a feature that requests a code from the users after entering the primary user name & password. Normally, Two-Factor Authentication is what the user knows, like a pet name, primary school name, or a PIN. Some advanced cloud systems use the fingerprint, biometric scan, and real-time PIN generator to send them via SMS or email. If an outsider even steals or cracks the password of any user, the cyber attack can be blocked with the help of Two-Factor Authentication.

3. Data Encryption

Data Encryption refers to the process of converting data into codes using keys and algorithms, making it unreadable even if it has been stolen, unless decrypted. Cloud-based HR software often uses encryption mechanisms to secure confidential HR data, while allowing users to interact with the database through a unique passkey or user account between the cloud server and user device. Utilizing a cloud-based HRMS software for daily administration is a smart choice to protect your data due to the complexity involved in connecting to such systems.

4. Regular Data Backups

Data backup refers to the process of creating duplicate copies of the data in the main cloud store. Data loss can happen from a hardware failure, disasters, accidents, or cyber attacks. The backups are usually stored in a completely different location to ensure maximum protection. Regular data backups assure organizations to recover important data in the event of a data loss, allowing them to continue the day to day busy operations without interruption. Guaranteed efficient workflow with cloud HR software.

5. Security Audits And Testing

 An audit refers to the process of comparing actual results against predetermined standards. In a security audit doing the same, evaluating the security measure of the server and the cloud system. Testing the security regularly can help organizations to find any potential loophole in the cloud HR process which can be correct and can take countermeasures to prevent any data loss. Taking countermeasures involves various techniques, like vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and ethical hacking. To have such a procedure might cost more to any small and medium business. Using a cloud-based HR software can be the right solution for that. If an employer needs to switch from one HR system to another, it also can be possible with this technological era.

Enjoy all exclusive features of a cloud HR system while ensuring your data security. If you are new to the cloud platform or an existing user, you can easily shift to Better HR a well-recognised cloud-based HRMS by industry experts.

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Jasry RM
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Jasry RM is a BBA (Hons) graduate, Major in Marketing at University Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Better HR. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, B2B Marketing, Finance, Payroll, Taxation, Research and Human Resource Management.

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