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Do-it-yourself employee appreciation gifts: To keep them motivated 

Do-it-yourself employee appreciation gifts: To keep them motivated 

Employee Appreciation Gifts don’t have to break the bank to show your team how much you value them. DIY gifts can be just as meaningful and can be customized to suit the unique interests and needs of each employee. In this article, we will explore 15 DIY employee appreciation gifts that will help you show your gratitude and make your team feel appreciated. 

What makes a good employee appreciation gift? 

Before we delve into the DIY employee appreciation gift ideas, it’s important to understand what makes a good employee appreciation gift. A good employee appreciation gift should: 

1. Be personalized: A personalized gift shows that you have put some thought and effort into selecting the gift, and it’s not just a generic item. 

2. Be meaningful: A truly meaningful gift is one that resonates with an employee’s interests, hobbies, or preferences, and demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to understand and appreciate their individuality. To ensure the gift is a perfect fit, it should be chosen with care, taking into account the specific occasion, whether it be for client gifts, new hire gifts, retirement gifts, or another occasion. By selecting a thoughtful gift that matches the purpose of the occasion, you can show your appreciation in a way that is both genuine and impactful.  

3. Be useful: A useful gift is one that the employee can use in their daily life. It could be something that makes their work easier or something that they can use at home. 

4. Be timely: A timely gift is one that is given at the right moment. It could be after the completion of a project, at the end of the year, or during an employee’s work anniversary. 

Why Show Appreciation? 

Showing appreciation is not just a nice thing to do. It has real benefits for both the employees and the organization. Here are a few reasons why showing appreciation is important: 

1. Increases job satisfaction: When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job. This can lead to increased productivity and better job performance. 

2. Improves employee morale: Showing appreciation can boost employee morale, which can lead to a more positive work environment. 

3. Reduces turnover: When employees feel valued, they are less likely to leave the organization. This can save the organization time and money on recruiting and training new employees. 

DIY Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas 

1. Flower Arranging:  


Consider hosting a flower arranging class for your team. It’s a relaxing and creative activity that can be enjoyed by all. Alternatively, you could give each employee a small vase and some fresh flowers as a thank you gift. 

2. Sewing Classes:  


If your team enjoys sewing or crafting, consider offering a sewing class. You could hire a local instructor or purchase online courses that your team can access at their own pace. 

3. Woodworking Classes:  

Woodworking Classes

For the more hands-on employees, woodworking classes could be an exciting option. Your team will learn new skills and create something that they can be proud of. 

4. Karting Session 

Karting Session 

Organizing a karting session for your employees can be a fantastic way to boost team morale, improve communication and collaboration, and offer a fun and exciting break from the usual routine of work. Your employees may be more inspired to work hard and achieve their goals after participating in an adrenaline-fueled activity like karting. 

5. Music Classes:  

Music Classes

For the musically inclined, music classes could be a great option. You could offer guitar, piano, or singing lessons, depending on the interests of your team. 

6. Knitting and Crochet Classes:  

Knitting and Crochet Classes

Knitting and crochet are relaxing and meditative activities that can be enjoyed by all. You could offer a class or give each employee a set of knitting needles or crochet hooks as a gift. 

7. Online Games:  

Online Games

If your team enjoys gaming, consider purchasing an online game that you can all play together during breaks or after work hours. 

8. Food Truck Day:  

Food Truck Day

Consider hiring a food truck to come to your workplace for a day. Your team will enjoy a delicious meal and a fun break from their work. 

9. Charitable Donations:  

Charitable Donations

Instead of a physical gift, consider making a donation to a charity that is important to your team. This will show your employees that you care about their values and beliefs. 

10. House Cleaning or Yardwork:  

If your team has been putting off house cleaning or yard work, consider hiring a professional to take care of it for them. This will give them more free time to enjoy their hobbies and spend time with their families. 

11. Pet Gifts:  

If your team has pets, consider giving them a pet-related gift. This could be a toy, treat, or even a customized collar or leash. 

12. Customized Coffee Mugs:  

Customized Coffee Mugs

Customized coffee mugs are a simple yet effective gift. You could add each employee’s name or a personalized message to the mug. 

13. Homemade Treats: 

Homemade Treats

 If you enjoy baking, consider making homemade treats for your team. Cookies, brownies, and cupcakes are all crowd-pleasers. 

14. Indoor Plant:

Office Plant

  Plants are known to improve air quality and boost productivity. Consider giving each employee a small office plant as a thank you gift. 

15. Personalized Desk Organizer:

Personalized Desk Organizer

A personalized desk organizer is a practical and thoughtful gift. You could add each employee’s name or a motivational quote to the organizer. 


Showing employee appreciation doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. DIY gifts can be just as meaningful and personalized, and that’s why companies that operate 100% remotely also do such employee appreciation by sending gifts via courier. They realize the value of appreciation is always connected to productivity and employee retention.  

With the above mentioned 15 DIY gift ideas, you can easily start showing your employees how much you appreciate them today, using simple yet thoughtful gifts. 

Written by
Amritpal Singh
Digital Marketing Manager from swagmagic
He has been working in the niche of corporate gifting for several years. He has conducted various marketing research and analytics related to gifting and has published insights on various sites.

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