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Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction | Better HR Software

Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction | Better HR Software

Much research about the employee experience journey shows the behavior flows and mental status of the workforce. Monitoring and tracking the employee behavior is must and complicated to any company. Predicting and planning for such things will help to manage the diversity, equal opportunity, unnecessary conflicts, accidents in production and so forth. Tracking employees’ behavior will help to prevent sudden strikes and help to continue the production processes. Managing the entire workforce for medium and large companies can become complicated, unless you don’t have Better HR Software.

To manage such a workforce, first-of-all companies need to know about employee engagement and employee satisfaction. These two metrics will play a key role in employees’ decision making. Controlling them when needed is the key to workforce management.

What Is Employee Engagement And How To Measure It?

According to Alan M.Saks (2022) employee engagement is about the level of involvement, dedication, enthusiasm and interest towards the work and organization. Basically, highly engaged employees will work with passion and produce more outcomes for the company. Even though they work for a paycheck, they give priority to the employer when it comes to decision making. These employees have a high level of trust & loyalty towards the organization.

In other case, low-level employee engagement will of course be negative for organizations; such as low production rate, poor work-life balance, sudden strikes, high leave rates, high employee turnover rate, poor internal structure, and so forth. Employee engagements will directly impact overall organization efficiency. High engagement means high production, while low engagement means low production. So, the modern business world knows the importance of using many analytics and tools to keep control of the employee engagement rates. HCM Software (Human Capital Management) is a tool which is programmed to analyze and report the employee behaviors with given data. Many case studies on employee engagement show that employee satisfaction will impact employee engagement enormously.

What Is Employee Satisfaction And How To Improve It?

Anyone can understand from the term. Employee Satisfaction is a term which indicates the mechanism of satisfying an employee by providing them proper pay, free time, work environment, proper work, deal with respect, provide recognition, reward for performance, and so forth. A study published by ResearchGate about employee satisfaction shows that the work-environment impacts 88.9% of the work life balance. So managing a proper internal work environment is a must for every organization. Employees need to enjoy the freedom of work. Their rights should serve properly. Even though giving respect is not written by law, to build a strong trust & loyalty, employers should respect employees’ customs, decisions, ideas, beliefs and self respect. 

A study conducted by IngentaConnect about Social Behavior and Personality proves that appreciation of work, good words toward employees’ projects will boost employees’ morality enormously. Moreover, promotion related encouragement will increase employee engagement towards the organization. Many organizations are struggling to increase employee satisfaction while spending much of the funds. A simple appreciational conversation with employees regularly will do much more than a fully paid annual vacation. 

Humans are a social species. We always expect anything from others, even without an actual intention. Seniors at work always need to look after the new recruits, interns, and juniors. Any appreciation from the upper hierarchy always gives hope for a better future in their careers. In the long-run the good memories of work life will create loyalty for the company. With the help of globalization, any employer can find many skilled employees around the world. But building trust is a tough job. Because anyone can master any field with proper materials & guidance. But trust, loyalty, good manners & attitudes need to evolve in themself. 


To overcome the competitive market and become a market leader, every organization needs to focus more on the workforce & internal structure first. Always treat your loyal employees and find better performing employees and reward them. Improving the employer-employee relationship will enhance the overall productivity in the long-run. HR or Management can’t always look for each and every employee’s mental status. Modern business world uses HR & Administration software to predict and plan for better workflow. Adopting a HR Software will help any organization save time, resources and will help to create a strong workforce. So, with the strong internal structure, companies can face external threats & opportunities more efficiently.

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Written by
Jasry RM
Digital Marketing Executive from Better HR
Jasry RM is a BBA (Hons) graduate, Major in Marketing at University Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Better HR. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, B2B Marketing, Finance, Payroll, Taxation, Research and Human Resource Management.

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