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How Ghosting Can Fail to Employ A Good Fit Person for The Role?

How Ghosting Can Fail to Employ A Good Fit Person for The Role?

There has been the most commonly flagged from all job seekers around the globe regarding “Ghosting”, not being responsive, or cutting off communication without explanation, which we see at least two or three posts once we scroll through the LinkedIn newsfeed every single day. Job seekers tend to give many supportive interactions when they get to see the related quotes, articles, and topics about ghosting so that the ghosts who give the ice treatment could be able to consider fixing this pattern with little hope or the instant actions of expressing their feelings of being ghosted by agreeing to the posts.

Every single job seeker has different scenarios and backgrounds for how they have been thriving for certain types of jobs and we never get to know it unless we go deep into it. But one bitter truth, almost the same for all applicants, is that they have something precious to take care of which might be family, passion, and way of living and it could be anything. Not to forget, people who disappear in the air once used to be job seekers and someone who has been striving for something to take care of and sometimes even little ignorance could gravitate towards ghosting.

Ghosting comes in different ways with various intentions or maybe even with no intention but ignorance. How come ‘Ignorance’ leads to ‘Ghosting’? Simply thinking according to the saying, “Think before act”, but they make us wonder without any act but clearly being busy and ignore if job seekers follow up. They make applicants question so much if they ever think of job seekers’ situations and things to protect themselves or if they have not experienced the period of job hunting by themselves or do they not know how to have respect and show sympathy which so many personal judgments and thinking make job hunters in a huff.

People who are job hunting get beached at different levels of the process till they don’t get the updates. It really gets on the nerves of those who applied to the job portal website where you can see the status of your application and one day you see that you are being reviewed and moved forward to shortlist status but you never get the phone call for the interview session. It is as nerve-racking as it is that recruiters directly reach out to get your CV and get back to you for the interview schedule and it will never happen after you have shared your CV as if you were daydreaming.

All this matter could have literally ended if all of us practiced respect, work ethics, and some spice of sympathy. Considering that we all have been through this job search situation before we get employed by some company if you are the recruiters or head counters if you are working for the organizations. Even if you are the owners or entrepreneurs of your organization, there is no loss in paying respect and little time to applicants to give the reason for not being shortlisted or selected. Saying that, applicants are happy and appreciated even with the default reply of not being shortlisted since that default setting of response is what makes the applicants move forward.

Here comes the worst scenario of caspering to the candidates. We are moved toward the next step of being shortlisted and go through an interview session and some candidates are willing to hear solid reasons for not moving forward to the next step which they iterate during the session but as cliche’, as it always has been, they either give you no response at all or default mail setting of rejection. This is not the time when the candidates expect no feedback or no proper reasons for not being selected for the next step as they have met with you and were in the discussion by giving you their time and effort to the interview. Let job seekers know actual and authentic reasons for not choosing over other shortlists so that they could be able to improve more and perform better next time by polishing and uplifting their skills and practices to get chosen. And the organization itself will earn a good reputation to attract many applicants for the opening roles. Does HR ever know and wonder that there are job seekers who become upset with certain companies by letting down them in the application procedure and response after being interviewed and they no longer apply to your company regardless of future opportunities as they can see through your company’s culture during interactions with you? The world comes two ways in this era.

As a final wrap of these common issues happening among job seekers, they do not deserve to be left hung and anxious not knowing the reasons for non-acceptance and doubting their competencies which make them feel depressed over time and finally they become to accept the job whatever they are selected by compromising everything to protect things they value. Later on, they gradually became unhappy and unsatisfied as they compromised their high values just to get a job with no bargaining power to the organization which could also impact not only candidates but also organizations that end up quitting and recruiting resulting in a vicious cycle finally. Have you ever wondered if someone whom you hired is a person who no longer cares for a role that fits and thinks he or she will do better but just accepts the role of whoever hired them? You will never know if you hired such a person unless they quit. Hence, let’s demonstrate that we give mutual respect and understanding with a mix of sympathy by giving a proper reason so job seekers never doubt their competencies and keep learning and improving in that the recruiters could be able to retain a perfect employee in the organization.

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