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Better HR Online Cloud HR Software Enhance Any Organization’s Productivity

Better HR Online Cloud HR Software Enhance Any Organization’s Productivity

Every organization seeks different needs and wants in different phases of the organization’s life cycle. Even though the ultimate goal is profit; the strategies for achieving the goal will change according to market fluctuation and lifecycle. There are 5 main stages (Inception, survival, growth, expansion and maturity) of the organization life cycle available according to economists. Startups, Entrepreneurs need to be focused and be ready for each and every stage.

Inception is a planning stage and in that period, there is no need for instruments and technical gadgets for the organization. Survival is the starting stage of any organization and mostly it concerns productivity and market supply. In growth, organizations will earn profit and try to grow and expand the market. Expansion stage needs to fight with domestic and international competitor brands and needs high on overall returns. Maturity will face high competition and may decline in market sales may need innovation to overcome.

This process is common to any profit oriented business in this busy market. To overcome and keep track of the processes, modern era organizations are rapidly interested in SaaS and HR Software products. Many researchers proved that these modern softwares will instantly improve the overall organization’s productivity more than 20% by strengthening the internal environment. A HR Software or SaaS product is compulsory to any organization which reaches the growth stage. But adopting these softwares for startups isn’t wrong. When we consider market research, indeed these products help organizations to thrive in business. 

For startups, managing payroll, attendance and performance tracking is crucial. So, even in the survival stage, it will benefit enormously. With the proper insights, the owner can direct his/her organization on the right path. For the growth stage, employee retention plays a vital role in the HR department. Managers need to track employee performances, manage employee benefits, recruit and train. Expansion and maturity stage need a strong employee force and a stabilized internal environment to compete in the domestic and international market. So, HR software must adapt to monitor the real time analytics, manage international onboarding, conduct learning programs, compensation management etc…    

Better HR Software provides all necessary tools to all types of MSMEs (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises). Easy to install & adopt. Our CS team will fully guide and help to overcome any issues. Our team will train you to run payroll and manage other administration activities. Better HR experts will make an expert in this field within 2 days. Even after the training, the CS team will assist your team when needed. No need to hire a payroll, tax, HR and administration expert with a high salary; you can make any ordinary employee into an overall administration expert with Better HR. 

Become an Admin & HR expert with Better HR Cloud Software. Control your internal environment with your digital hands. Most of our clients love our features and support with suggestions. The most secure cloud will always protect your important materials and provide a 5GB cloud store to each and every employee of your organization. Digitization of HRD (Human Resource Department) is a must in this technological era. Better HR Successfully used by more than 18, 000 users around the globe under their country regulations, respectively. 

You can subscribe to Better HR annual packages for a reasonable price. MSMEs are the backbone of the economy. We Better HR always tries to support our clients to overcome the HR & Administration issues. Become a strong business with Better HR. For more info, contact sales.

Written by
Jasry RM
Digital Marketing Executive from Better HR
Jasry RM is a BBA (Hons) graduate, Major in Marketing at University Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Better HR. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, B2B marketing, HR Softwares and Human Resource Management.


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